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Library/Information Agency Internship (LIBT 2900)

Internship/Practicum Credits: 3 -4 Variable Credit

Description: The internship provides structured on-the-job training in a library or information agency. You will work with and assigned site supervisor at an approved library or information agency to design a custom work plan, allowing you to develop your practical skills. You will also develop a working resume and participate in an instructor-led seminar throughout the semester. Must be taken Pass/Fail.

Topical Outline:
1. Assignment of an approved library/information agency work site and supervisor
2. Completion of an internship work plan
3. Meet online with course instructor and other internship students to reflect upon what is being learned at the internship site and how it relates to what was taught in the program
4. Develop a working résumé
5. Instructor will visit students on site once during the semester, either in-person or virtually

Learning Outcomes:
1. Work effectively as a member of a library/information agency team
2. Have a clearer understanding of what it is like to work in a library/information agency
3. Discuss issues that take place in a library/information agency workplace

Prerequisites:  LIBT 2200, LIBT 2210, LIBT 2300, and LIBT 2310 or Instructor Approval