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Indexing and Abstracting (LIBT 2210)

Total Credits: 3
Lecture Credits: 3

Description: This course introduces indexing and abstracting theory and practice. You will learn about metadata standards, language control and index quality. You will practice back-of-the-book as well as information-object indexing. You will work with traditional print resources and digital material. You will be introduced to professional and ethical standards for indexing and abstracting, emphasizing user access to information.

Topical Outline:
1. History and overview of indexing, abstracting and information retrieval
2. Types and functions of indexes, abstracts and language control
3. Evaluation and assessment of index quality, including retrievability, recall, precision and predictability
4. Creation of index entries and abstracts for text based and graphic digital objects by applying appropriate industry-based standards
5. Exploration of current issues and challenges in the profession

Learning Outcomes:
1. Articulate an understanding of the history and context of indexing, abstracting, and information retrieval
2. Evaluate index and abstract quality in existing databases as well as student created indexes
3. Index and write abstracts for content in a variety of information formats (print, electronic, and graphic)
4. Apply indexing and abstracting theories and standards to a variety of information formats (print, electronic, and graphic)
5. Discuss in an informed manner the major issues and challenges facing the indexing and abstracting profession

Prerequisites:  LIBT 1200 or Instructor Approval