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Architectural Technology Lab 4 (ARCH 2200)

Total Credits: 6
Lab Credits: 6

Description: This course assumes you have completed ARCH 1000 and ARCH 1200 in the Architectural Technology program and have a working knowledge of construction details. You will be provided with a site and building program at the beginning of the semester. You will develop a design for the building based on the criteria provided and develop a set of construction documents for the building design.

Topical Outline:
1. Understanding client needs through creation of a mission statement and program development
2. Site analysis
3. Zoning and building code research
4. Schematic building design, evaluation of options & refinement
5. Develop construction documents

Learning Outcomes:
1. Explain and reason through design decisions and choices
2. Analyze site conditions and arrange program requirements on the site
3. Participate in a group research exercise, developing a strategy for coordination and time management
4. Apply a zoning ordinance and its requirements to the design of their project
5. Design a building a 20,000 SF–40,000 SF mixed use commercial building
6. Document a commercial building using floor plans, elevations, sections and details to communicate design intent to a contractor

Prerequisites:  ARCH 1200 and ARCH 1230
Co-requisites:  ARCH 2220 and ARCH 2230