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Advanced Computer Modeling (ARCH 2230)

Total Credits: 2
Lecture Credits: 2

Description: This course assumes you understand the core Revit Architecture drawing and modeling commands and can perform sheet set up and plotting with little or no instructor input. This course focuses on becoming familiar with Revit's 3D capability and learning to customize building information models (BIM). This course also seeks to develop your ability with Revit Architecture. The first two-thirds of the course will focus on customization and family creation and editing. The last third of the class will focus on 3D visualization.

Topical Outline:
1. REVIT File Linking
2. Advanced Construction & Wall Types
3. Massing and Complex Geometry
4. Rendering Basics
5. Advanced Modeling and Visualization
6. Advanced Rendering

Learning Outcomes:
1. Import and link a REVIT file
2. Create a complex geometric building form
3. Render a BIM model
4. Import and manipulate a BIM model within an integrated software product
5. Import a BIM model into a separate rendering software and create an advanced rendering graphic

Prerequisites:  ARCH 1230