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Sustainable Construction Topics (ARCH 2220)

Total Credits: 2
Lecture Credits: 2

Description: This course will focus on integration of sustainable technology in building design. We will review the history of sustainable design, discuss direct applications and work through a LEED rating certification project process. As part of creating more sustainable communities, we will focus on design and equity in the built environment, highlighting best practices and design innovators working on a more equitable built environment.

Topical Outline:
1. History of Sustainable Building Design
2. Energy Conservation
3. Materials and Research
4. Indoor Building Environments
5. Equity and the Built Environment
6. Rating Systems

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand the History of sustainable design
2. Identify sustainable energy solutions for buildings
3. Identify sustainable materials and integrate into building design
4. Discuss equity in the built environment and be able to identify innovators in the field
5. Describe the predominant rating systems and make design decisions based on improving a project’s rating within a system

Prerequisites:  ARCH 1220