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Internship (SNDA 2380)

Total Credits: 2
Internship/Practicum Credits: 2

Description: The internship provides you with an opportunity to receive credit for working in some area of the industry. You will explore the wide range of industry work, and hone the professional skills needed to secure your own internship. You will experience a real-world work environment, learn from working professionals, and make contacts in the industry. The internship requires advisor approval but is focused on your own goals and interests.

Topical Outline:
1. Understanding the purpose of the internship, and its process
2. Approaches to thinking broadly about their interests, skills, and where they connect in the local community
3. Other specifics vary with each placement

Learning Outcomes:
1. Adapt their skills from Sound Arts coursework to the industry outside of the College
2. Relate their first-hand experience to the day-to-day operation of the industry
3. Break-down the wide range of Sound Arts skills to their place in practical industry work
4. Plan and execute the processes of networking, which are vital to later work in the field

Prerequisites:  SNDA 1320
Co-requisites:  SNDA 2330 and SNDA 2340