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Sound Arts 3: Recording and Digital Production (SNDA 2330)

Total Credits: 3
Lecture Credits: 2
Lab Credits: 1

Description: This course focuses on the use of the digital world, in depth. You will learn how to manage the advanced technical concerns of digital audio and apply them to all aspects of the production process. Key aspects specific to the digital world, such as project workflow, data formats, and file management will be addressed. You will work on both hardware and software, with an emphasis on transferring knowledge to software tools. You will also learn microphone characteristics, approaches to choosing and positioning them, and stereo techniques. You will demonstrate the ability to achieve a particular sound by combining knowledge of microphones and listening skills. This course requires extensive work in the on-site Sound Arts labs, as well as significant group collaboration outside of class.

Topical Outline:
1. Microphones and studio/field acoustic recording techniques (musical and non-musical sources)
2. Non-linear digital recording and editing
3. Digital interfacing and industry-relevant data management practices (synchronization, protocols, file management, networking)
4. Digital mixing and signal processing; outboard, then within a workstation environment
5. Integration and expansion of topics from previous courses, within the digital workstation environment (MIDI, synthesis/sampling, analog signal path, A/D conversion, troubleshooting, acoustic concerns)

Learning Outcomes:
1. Integrate and adapt material from previous courses to be successful in a professional-level project studio, both technically and behaviorally
2. Assess technical problems in-context, apply efficient troubleshooting logic, and adapt appropriately
3. Discriminate between the various tools and techniques available to them, to make technically-informed decisions that support the artwork at-hand
4. Apply the above topics to create a variety sound works, according to specific requirements, as outlined in the SNDA 2340 course
5. Create a medium-length, but substantial, work in a workstation environment, using the full range of tools (recording, editing, processing, mixing, automation, MIDI/synthesis)

Prerequisites:  CMST 1000 or CMST 2011 and SNDA 1320
Co-requisites:  SNDA 2340