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Sound Arts 4: Form and Design in Sound (SNDA 2340)

Total Credits: 4
Lecture Credits: 4

Description: This course is an experience of the creative production process, from start to finish. You will learn and apply skills in listening, collaboration, critique and compositional form. You will develop the ability to synthesize technical craft and creative decision-making. You will hone these skills to create a portfolio of projects, meeting a variety of challenges. This course will use in-class activities to prepare you for extensive collaborative work outside of class, in the on-campus studios.

Topical Outline:
1. Small-group production and collaboration in a mid-sized project studio environment (planning, group dynamics, presentation)
2. Critical listening practices (technical and analytical) and applied psychoacoustics
3. Constructive critique and feedback approaches
4. Introductory application of sound with other media
5. Analysis of production situations, and artistically-effective decision-making
6. Advanced compositional form and arranging topics, through a variety of production projects (musical and non-musical)

Learning Outcomes:
1. Plan and produce a variety of production projects in a controlled project-studio environment, applying material from SNDA 2330 and previous Sound Arts courses
2. Support the success of their production group by communicating effectively and contributing constructively
3. Integrate technical knowledge, critical-listening skills, and aesthetic judgment at each stage of production
4. Adapt their role and goals to the demands of different production situations and aesthetic material, choosing techniques and behaviors accordingly

Prerequisites:  CMST 1000 or CMST 2011, and SNDA 1320
Co-requisites:  SNDA 2330