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Information Agencies (LIBT 1100)

Total Credits: 3
Lecture Credits: 3

Description: This course surveys the history, organization, personnel and functions of libraries and information agencies in the United States. You will learn about major theories and ideas relevant to the field. You will discuss the various job opportunities that exist in information agencies and allied fields.

Topical Outline:
1. History of Libraries and Information Agencies
2. Types and Functions of Libraries and Information Agencies, including specific functions of public and technical services
3. Types and Functions of Library and Information Agency Personnel
4. Types of Collections and Resources in Libraries and Information Agencies
5. Ethical Issues in Modern Libraries and Information Agencies
6. Career Opportunities and Job Searching Techniques

Learning Outcomes:
1. Articulate an understanding of the history and impact of libraries and information agencies on American society
2. Describe the different types of libraries and information agencies and the role they play in American society
3. Describe the roles and functions of various library personnel
4. Describe the types of collections and resources in libraries and information agencies
5. Discuss in an informed manner the major ethical issues facing libraries and information agencies in the United States
6. Locate library and information agency job opportunities, produce a resume, and prepare for a job interview

Prerequisites:  Placement into ENGL 1110 or completion of ENGL 0900 or ENGA 0900 or ESOL 0051 or LIBT Instructor Approval
Co-requisites:  Recommended LIBT 1200, LIBT 1300 and LIBT 1410