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Organic Chemistry 2 Lab (CHEM 2225)

Total Credits: 2
Lab Credits: 2

Description: This course is the laboratory component that accompanies CHEM 2205: Organic Chemistry 2. The laboratory work consists of syntheses, purification, and reactions of organic compounds and unknown identification, both with ordinary chemical methods and with IR spectroscopy, gas chromatography, column chromatography, and refractive index instrumentation. Completion of both CHEM 2205 and CHEM 2225 are required to satisfy MnTC Goal Area 3.

Topical Outline:
1. Synthesis of a wide range of compounds utilizing a variety of techniques
2. Extraction
3. Classification and/or Identification of an unknown compound
4. Characterization

Learning Outcomes:
1. Carry out a given laboratory procedure involving various laboratory technique
2. Understand and explain chemistry concepts and theories central to the laboratory activities
3. Understand and explain the extraction strategies that take advantage of compounds’ differing physical properties
4. Classify compounds on the basis of chemical test results characteristic of different functional groups
5. Identify and/or characterize compounds with a variety of physical (including spectroscopic) methods
6. Handle chemicals and dispose of waste safely and appropriately

Prerequisites:  CHEM 2224. Both lecture (CHEM 2205) and lab (CHEM 2225) are required to satisfy MnTC Goal Area 3.

MnTC: Goal 3