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Organic Chemistry 1 Lab (CHEM 2224)

Total Credits: 2
Lab Credits: 2

Description: This course is the laboratory component that accompanies CHEM 2204: Organic Chemistry 1. The laboratory work consists of separation, purification, and identification techniques, both with ordinary chemical methods and with IR spectroscopy, gas chromatography, column chromatography, and refractive index instrumentation. Completion of both CHEM 2204 and CHEM 2224 are required to count toward MnTC Goal Area 3.

Topical Outline:
1. Laboratory Safety
2. Determination of various physical properties, including melting point, solubility, boiling point, refractive index
3. Molecular modeling
4. Various laboratory techniques utilized in synthesis and/or isolation of compounds, including: distillation, chromatography, extraction and recrystallization
5. Spectroscopic techniques, including gas chromatography, infrared spectroscopy and NMR spectroscopy

Learning Outcomes:
1. Carry out a given laboratory procedure involving various laboratory techniques
2. Understand and explain chemistry concepts and theories central to the laboratory activities
3. Utilize molecular modeling software to quantify the relative conformation stabilities of selected ring and open chain organic compounds
4. Obtain, utilize and/or interpret spectroscopic information to ascertain the composition of a mixture, to evaluate the purity of a substance and/or to identify an unknown substance
5. Handle chemicals and dispose of waste safely and appropriately

Prerequisites:  CHEM 1152. ("C" (2.0) Grade or Above). It is strongly recommended to have either completed CHEM 2204 or take CHEM 2224 concurrently with CHEM 2204. Both lecture (CHEM 2204) and lab (CHEM 2224) are required to satisfy MnTC Goal Area 3.

MnTC: Goal 3: Natural Sciences