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Complex Health Concepts (NPRO 2000)

Total Credits: 8
Lecture Credits: 4
Lab Credits: 4

Description: This course focuses on the nursing care of clients with end of life, chronic, and acute variations in health including those with lived mental health experience. You will expand concepts previously introduced, apply and examine collaborative and safe nursing care for patients, families, and promote the health of clients throughout the lifespan. You will practice provision of care of adults, elderly, infants, children, and pregnant clients. You will investigate and compare evidence-based practice to expand knowledge of care throughout the life span, including clients with lived mental health care experience including therapeutic communication, and interprofessional practice in the provision of safe and effective care. Must be taken A-F.

Topical Outline:
1. Cellular regulation
2. Evidence-based practice
3. Fluid and electrolytes
4. Immunity
5. Intracranial regulation
6. Mood and affect

Learning Outcomes:
1. Compare professional and therapeutic communication techniques with patients, families, and the healthcare team.
2. Determine teaching and learning principles for the purpose of patient and family health education with a multi-cultural approach.
3. Examine implementation of nursing process with focus on utilizing clinical judgment and safe behaviors throughout the lifespan.
4. Investigate principles of evidence-based practice in the provision of multi-cultural nursing practice.
5. Practice collaboration within the scope of the nursing discipline and the interprofessional team to help patients and families achieve health goals.
6. Demonstrate leadership skills and attitudes in the management of patient and family care.

Prerequisites:  NPRO 1150
Co-requisites:  BIOL 2235