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Service Procedures for HVAC and R Technicians (HVAC 1030)

Total Credits: 1
Lecture Credits: 1

Description: This course covers business procedures necessary to be successful in the refrigeration, air conditioning and heating occupation. You will learn customer relations skills to prepare you to deal with a variety of situations encountered each day by HVAC and R technicians. Must be taken A-F.

Topical Outline:
1. Customer Relations
2. HVACR Trade Organizations
3. HVACR Service Trucks
4. HVACR Parts research
5. HVACR Trade Organization Research
6. HVACR Licensing Requirements

Learning Outcomes:
1. Student will demonstrate best practice customer relation skills
2. Research HVACR trade organizations
3. Interpret and design HVACR Service truck organization
4. Demonstrate Proper HVACR parts research procedures
5. Identify HVACR Trade organizations
6. Interpret HVACR licensing requirements

Prerequisites:  Placement into ENGL 1110 or completion of ENGL 0900 or ENGA 0900 or ESOL 0051