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Writing and Oral Communication Skills 4 (ESOL 0041)

Total Credits: 5
Lecture Credits: 5

Description: This course further develops high intermediate level writing and oral communication skills in a variety of situations. You will improve your grammar, fluency and self-editing ability, and learn to write essays and give presentations. You will also practice and improve your writing skills through extensive writing and word processing. Must be taken Pass/No Credit.

Topical Outline:
1. The Writing Process
2. Content and Organization
3. Language Use
4. Mechanics
5. Listening and Speaking

Learning Outcomes:
1. Pre-write, write, revise, and edit 1-3 page essays
2. Organize writing into specified organizational patterns
3. Produce unassisted writing using grammar structures taught in class
4. Apply rules of mechanics (formatting, spelling, and punctuation)
5. Develop independent strategies to improve editing skills
6. Plan, prepare and deliver grammatically accurate classroom presentations

Prerequisites:  Placement into ESOL 0041 or completion of ESOL 0035