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Architectural Technology Lab 3 (ARCH 2000)

Total Credits: 6
Lab Credits: 6

Description: This semester-long assignment involves researching and preparing a construction document package of drawings for a two-story light commercial building. You will be given a set of design development drawings for an NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Board) examination project and are to develop the project into a construction document package. The class assignment will require you to assemble an office quality package of construction documents starting with the schematic set of NCARB drawings that you select. Consider this set of drawings to be the drawings package that you will take with you on an interview to show an office how good you are. In addition, you will be given an assignment where you will develop 10-12 freehand sketch drawings of details from your building, once you have developed these sketches, you are to incorporate them into your CAD drawing package. You will be given schematic drawings for an NCARB project of your choice (they vary from building types such as a city administration building, a regional airport, a post office training facility, and a health club). All of the projects are commercial construction (steel frame with brick, stone or concrete skin). You will be given a detailed assignment for your project and you will be given weekly assignments in our class discussion in ARCH 2020 (this is a co-requisite lecture class associated with this class.)

Topical Outline:
1. Organization of commercial construction drawings
2. Core requirements for moving through a building (exits, stairs and elevators)
3. Accessibility in commercial buildings (restrooms, entries, ramps)
4. Integration of mechanical, electrical and plumbing and structural requirements into the architectural design of a building
5. Researching products
6. Presentation

Learning Outcomes:
1. Layout a floor plan for a commercial building using a structurally appropriate grid
2. Develop elevations and building sections that respond to mechanical, electrical and structural constraints
3. Within a floor plan, provide code-compliant exiting, accessible toilet rooms and adequate size and number of stairs
4. Integrate manufacturer’s information into details
5. Develop a computer-generated package of architectural construction documents organized along industry-standards and best office practices

Prerequisites:  ARCH 1200 and ARCH 1230
Co-requisites:  ARCH 2020 and ARCH 2030