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Information Technology Skills (ITEC 1110)

Total Credits: 2
Lecture Credits: 1
Lab Credits: 1

Description: This course provides you with an overview of skills you will need to communicate as an IT professional. You will learn about word processing, graphics, databases, spreadsheets, presentation programs and Internet applications. If entering the Information Technology programs, you have the option of testing out of ITEC 1110 through successful completion of an online examination. Must be taken A-F.

Topical Outline:
1. Professional office software such as presentation, word processing and spreadsheets
2. Database software
3. Internet applications such as web browser and email

Learning Outcomes:
1. Create professional business documents e.g. letters, resumes, spreadsheets, presentations, using office software applications
2. Develop knowledge and use of intermediate and advanced features of common office applications
3. Be able to use internet applications such as web browsers and email
4. Create a database, add data, organize and manage the data within

Prerequisites:  Placement into READ 1300 or completion of READ 0200 or ESOL 0052