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Technology, Culture and Society (SOCI 1160)

Total Credits: 3
Lecture Credits: 3

Description: The use of technology is a basic feature of all human societies-our technologies influence our relations with each other and with the natural environment. Equally important, technology itself is a product of economic, political and cultural patterns. The study of technology will tell us about the kind of society we make for ourselves.

Topical Outline:
1. Technology and transportation
2. Technology and health
3. Technology and work
4. Technology and agriculture
5. Technology and environment

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand how to apply the sociological perspective to the technologies that influence their everyday lives

Prerequisites:  Placement into READ 0200 or ESOL 0052 or completion of READ 0100 or ESOL 0042

  • Goal 5: History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Goal 10: People and the Environment