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Information Literacy and Research Skills (INFS 1000)

Total Credits: 2
Lecture Credits: 1
Lab Credits: 1

Description: This course is an introduction to information literacy and research skills, including how information is produced, organized and disseminated within a societal context. You will learn how to organize a strategy for finding information, how to use print and digital sources to locate information, and how to analyze and evaluate information found.

Topical Outline:
1. Introduction to how information is produced, organized and disseminated in society
2. How new technology disrupts and enhances our ability to do research
3. Introduction to disciplined based academic research and approaches
4. Using digital and print resources to conduct academic research and locate information
5. How to integrate academic research skills into personal information needs and to critically evaluate information to support those information needs
6. Ethical uses of information, including: academic honesty, intellectual freedom, copyright and plagiarism

Learning Outcomes:
1. Understand and identify how knowledge is produced and organized in society
2. Understand and identify how information and knowledge is affected by cultural, political and economic factors
3. Determine the proper tool needed to locate desired information and use an appropriate search strategy to locate the information
4. Use and understand library-based research tools and classification systems
5. Critically examine information and determine its authenticity, credibility, intellectual content, bias, and explain how the information supports her/his research topic
6. Understand issues related to copyright, intellectual freedom, and the public vs. private ownership of information

Prerequisites:  Placement into ENGL 1110 or completion of ENGL 0900 or ENGA 0900 or ESOL 0051

MnTC: Goal 2: Critical Thinking