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Fundamentals of Composition (ENGL 0900)

Total Credits: 5
Lecture Credits: 5

Description: This course will prepare you for college-level writing. You will write several essays and a reflective letter. Your essays will include your perspective on an issue and your analysis of other writers’ ideas. You will focus on learning the writing process so that you can generate ideas and organize them into essays; you will also review grammar and mechanics. A committee will evaluate a portfolio of two of your essays and your reflective letter to decide whether you pass the class. Must be taken Pass/No Credit.

Topical Outline:
1. The Process of Expository Writing
2. The Contents of Expository Writing, including the analysis of texts and use of digital sources
3. The Audience of Expository Writing
4. The Expository Writer
5. Critical Academic Reading and Writing Skills
6. Writing Conventions

Learning Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate an emerging ability to revise content and organization of written texts in response to public feedback, as well an emerging understanding of the conventions of composition; provide feedback and reflect in writing on their own writing process and share this reflection
2. Compose texts for identified audiences and purposes. Begin to summarize, paraphrase, identify and clarify the main claim of texts and synthesize texts primarily through direct quotes and examples
3. Refer to information from others in own text, including the identification of the biases and prejudices of sources, and demonstrate an awareness of the need to give credit to others
4. Demonstrate an emerging facility with composition, including an awareness of online environment(s)
5. Identify oneself as a member with a voice within a community and demonstrate an emerging awareness of different views on a social issue/topic, including the groups or people affected. Participate as a community member and demonstrate an emerging respect. Contribute as an active, respectful community member
6. Evaluate, select, and use appropriate resources and texts when composing and begin to understand issues of citations and intellectual property

Prerequisites:  Placement into ENGL 0900 or completion of ESOL 0041