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A.F.A. Portfolio (ARTS 2214)

Total Credits: 3
Lecture Credits: 1
Lab Credits: 2

Description: This course provides the fundamental skills you need for professional development and to present your artwork. You will select a body of work which has visual or thematic continuity and that represents a culmination of your AFA studies. You will meet with a panel of artists to present your plan and seek feedback. You will organize and install an exhibition, write an artist statement and resume to accompany the exhibit and create a digital portfolio of your artwork, in the form of a website.

Topical Outline:
1. Identify and assemble a body of artwork which has intentional continuity - visual, conceptual or theme or focus
2. Present your portfolio and vision for your exhibit to a panel of artists
3. Develop a written artist statement, biography and resume
4. Explore the skills and methods necessary for the installation and preparation of an art exhibition
5. Introduce necessary methods to develop a digital portfolio and form a website
6. Be exposed to professional artists and meet with artist mentor(s)

Learning Outcomes:
1. Select a unified body of artwork through the critique process with the help of a professional panel.
2. Write an artist’s statement, biography and resume that clearly communicates artistic intent and professional best practices.
3. Install an exhibition of your portfolio.
4. Develop a digital portfolio.
5. Create a portfolio website and any other appropriate digital platforms.
6. Engage in professional practices in the arts through mentorship.

Prerequisites:  ARTS 1111, ARTS 1114, ARTS 1121, ARTS 1141, ARTS 1145, ARTS 1150, and Instructor Permission. Prior to registration, please contact the instructor of the course. Students must have also completed or be concurrently enrolled in the 12 credits of elective ARTS courses before taking the Portfolio class. This includes a minimum of one 2D course and one 3D course.

MnTC: Goal 6