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Art History 2: Renaissance to Contemporary (ARTS 1114)

Total Credits: 3
Lecture Credits: 3

Description: This course is a survey of art from the Italian Renaissance through Modern Art. Through discussions, lectures and museum visits, you will learn to understand art within its historical and social context, and to interpret the meaning of art in an informed manner.

Topical Outline:
1. Historic influences that shaped Renaissance and Baroque art, including religion, politics and culture
2. Technological advancements and social pressures that influenced Impressionism and Post Impressionism
3. Early Globalization and its influence on Cubism, Fauvism and Dadaism
4. Political and cultural influences on Modernism
5. Influential Modern Artists

Learning Outcomes:
1. Explain the characteristics of various artistic mediums and the basic visual elements and principles of design present in all works of art.
2. Express informed personal responses to works of art in written papers and/ or class discussions based on research and scholarship.
3. Analyze the historical religious, and social circumstances that shape the history of art.
4. Analyze the work of artists as expressions of human values within an historical, cultural, and social context.
5. Analyze the major movements, periods of art, and the stylistic characteristics, which differentiate them, and identify key examples of those styles.

Prerequisites:  Placement into READ 0200 or ESOL 0052 or completion of READ 0100 or ESOL 0042

  • Goal 6: The Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Goal 8: Global Perspectives