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Introduction to Art (ARTS 1110)

Total Credits: 3
Lecture Credits: 3

Description: This course is an introduction to basic concepts of the visual arts in various media. Topics include the significance and language of art. Activities include text reading, slide lectures and gallery tours. You will learn to evaluate artists' work, various interpretations of works, and the assumptions underlying these interpretations.

Topical Outline:
1. Learn to integrate terms and concepts related to the Elements of Art as they write and talk about art
2. Exposure to notable 2D and 3D works of art from a wide variety of regions, time periods, and media
3. Examine various models and approaches of judging art through the design principals
4. Examine the purpose related to art which can include power, propaganda, expressions of spiritual, the inner self and beauty
5. Write responses that address individual emotional and intellectual reactions to contemporary art concepts
6. Go to area museums and galleries throughout the semester, wither as a class or individually

Learning Outcomes:
1. Distinguish the difference and similarities between 2D and 3D art, processes and media
2. Analyze some of the ways in which humans reflect culture and society through art
3. Apply key components of formal design principals used in art making
4. Identify and compare the ways art is used in culture and society through various media and processes
5. Develop and write with informed opinions reactions to artwork

Prerequisites:  Placement into READ 0200 or ESOL 0052 or completion of READ 0100 or ESOL 0042

  • Goal 6: The Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Goal 8: Global Perspectives