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Native American Literature (AMIS 1100)

Total Credits: 3
Lecture Credits: 3

Description: This course is an introduction to the traditional and contemporary literature of Native American authors. You will study a range of works by American Indian/First Nations intellectuals, short story writers, novelists, playwrights, poets, and filmmakers. You will explore the historical and cultural contexts of these works in lectures and class discussions.

Topical Outline:
1. Overview of literary genres (poetry, short stories, film, etc.)
2. Native American cultural experience as seen through literary depictions
3. Contextualization of literary works in relation to social and historical factors
4. Other topics and relevant issues pertaining to literary tropes and topics such as identity, clash of cultures, etc., as depicted in works studied

Learning Outcomes:
1. Gain an exposure to and an appreciation for the variety of literary genres
2. Gain interpretative skills enabling them to understand, discuss, and write about American Indian/First Nations literature
3. Identify how indigenous thoughts, beliefs, values, and cultural customs create different world views, and how they interconnect with the student's own world view
4. Analyze recurrent themes, patterns, and arguments presented by the writers
5. Identify and use literal and figurative meaning of words
6. Sharpen their critical and reflective thinking, creative writing, and oral presentation skills

Prerequisites:  Placement into READ 0100 or completion of ESOL 0042

  • Goal 6
  • Goal 7