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The Minneapolis College Nursing program educates future professional nurses who practice compassionate, innovative, holistic, and culturally congruent care to all people in the advancement of the profession of nursing. Completion of the Associate of Science in nursing degree at Minneapolis College prepares you to take the National Council Licensure Examination to become a registered nurse, and to continue your nursing education at any baccalaureate completion program.  


1. Reflect human flourishing by advocating for the client's self-determination and integrity promoting ongoing growth in the pursuit of compassionate culturally congruent care.
2. Create professional identity utilizing evidence-based practice to provide care ethically and safely while advocating for diverse clients within a family and community context
3. Value spirit of inquiry through questioning assumptions and offering new insights in clinical nursing practice to improve the quality of care for clients and families.
4. Develop sound nursing judgment integrating nursing science and substantiated evidence in the provision of safe and holistic quality nursing care.




Award: Associate of Science
Total Credits for Award: 64.00

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