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Financial Accounting (ACCT 2202)

Total Credits: 4
Lecture Credits: 4

Description: This course explores accounting as a process of providing useful financial information to investors, creditors, management, and other users. You will learn the accounting cycle, financial statements, and the use and limitations of accounting information.

Topical Outline:
1. Accounting as a form of communication
2. Processing accounting information
3. Revenue recognition and accrual accounting
4. Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Stockholder's Equity
5. Statement of Cash Flows
6. Financial Statement Analysis

Learning Outcomes:
1. Describe the information contained in the financial statements
2. Illustrate the effects of economic events on the financial statements in accordance to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
3. Apply measurement theories underlying financial statements
4. Construct journal entries, trial balance, financial statements and financial reports
5. Analyze annual reports

Prerequisites:  Placement into MATH 0070