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Wellness-Illness Concepts Across the Lifespan (NPRO 1100)

Total Credits: 8
Lecture Credits: 4
Lab Credits: 4

Description: This course focuses on nursing care of clients with chronic variations in health and increasing knowledge of care of clients through pregnancy and childbirth. You will examine care of clients with acute variations in health, including children. You will apply the nursing process for care of the adult and geriatric populations with long-term variations in health. You will acquire knowledge regarding healthy pregnancy, childbirth, and care of infants. You will practice provision of care of adults and elderly. You will utilize the nursing process and evidence-based practice to support expanding knowledge of therapeutic communication, health promotion, and disease prevention. Must be taken A-F.

Topical Outline:
1. Inflammation
2. Managing care
3. Metabolism
4. Oxygenation
5. Perfusion
6. Reproduction

Learning Outcomes:
1. Implement professional and therapeutic communication techniques with patients, families, and the healthcare team.
2. Articulate teaching and learning principles for the purpose of patient and family health education.
3. Demonstrate implementation of nursing process with focus on utilizing clinical judgment and safe behaviors
4. Apply principles of evidence-based practice in the provision of nursing care.
5. Practice collaboration within the scope of the nursing discipline and the interprofessional team to help patients achieve health goals.
6. Examine personal values, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs essential to professional nursing.

Prerequisites:  Admission to the Professional Nursing program. NPRO 1000 or NPRO 1010; ENGL 1110 or ENGA 1110
Co-requisites:  PSYC 2240, BIOL 2227 and BIOL 2228