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Commercial Refrigeration (HVAC 2205)

Total Credits: 4
Lecture Credits: 2
Lab Credits: 2

Description: This course covers troubleshooting, repair, maintenance, and installation of commercial refrigeration equipment, including walk-in coolers and freezers, soft-serve machines, commercial refrigerators, milk coolers, and supermarket equipment. You will learn about various electrical and mechanical components specific to commercial refrigeration systems. Must be taken A-F.

Topical Outline:
1. Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
2. Refrigerated Supermarket Equipment
3. Refrigerated Dispensing Equipment
4. Dairy Refrigeration Equipment
5. Commercial Refrigeration Control Systems
6. Specialty Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Learning Outcomes:
1. Interpret, troubleshoot, repair, install and maintain commercial refrigeration equipment
2. Interpret, troubleshoot, repair and maintain refrigerated dispensing equipment
3. Interpret, troubleshoot, and repair refrigerated dairy equipment
4. Interpret and connect commercial refrigeration control circuits
5. Interpret characteristics and function of specialty commercial refrigeration equipment

Prerequisites:  HVAC 2105, HVAC 2110, HVAC 2115, HVAC 2120, HVAC 2125, HVAC 2130, and HVAC 2140