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Graphic and Web Design Internship (GRPH 2145)

Total Credits: 3
Internship/Practicum Credits: 3

Description: The graphic and web design internship is an opportunity for you to obtain supervised work experience that provides an important learning practical knowledge, as well as a useful link to the job market. You will obtain an internship site that supports your special area of interest and provides opportunities to interact with design professionals in a creative working environment. The internship requires 120 hours of residency at a design studio, advertising agency or related organization approved by the internship coordinator.

Topical Outline:
1. Assignment of an approved Graphic or Web Design work site and supervisor
2. Meet online with course instructor and other internship students to reflect upon what is being learned at the internship site and how it relates to what was taught in the program
3. Develop a working résumé
4. Completion of an internship work plan
5. Student and instructor will arrange for one on site visit when convenient for student's supervisor or delegate during the semester, either in-person or virtually

Learning Outcomes:
1. Build positive professional relationships within the creative working environment with a minimum of 120 hours of work experience during the semester
2. Apply academic knowledge, skills, experience to a work environment
3. Acquire new learning through challenging and meaningful activities
4. Demonstrate professional skills within the workplace with an awareness organizational issues
5. Identified, clarified and/or confirmed professional direction as it relates to your academic studies and future career path

Prerequisites:  GRPH 1585 or WEBI 1622 or Instructor Approval