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Architectural Technology Lab 2 (ARCH 1200)

Total Credits: 6
Lab Credits: 6

Description: This course will involve you in the assembly of construction drawings for two commercial/institutional projects. Exploration of the theory and application of various building materials, systems and drawing conventions is emphasized.

Topical Outline:
1. Typical commercial construction systems and details
2. Constructing floor plans, elevations, sections and details
3. Dimensioning systems and drawing conventions
4. Connections between various materials
5. Door, window and roof detailing
6. Building code and accessibility implications for design

Learning Outcomes:
1. Produce sets of architectural drawings (floor plans, sections, elevations, details)
2. Design assembly details using standard construction materials, systems and methods
3. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of commercial steel building structural systems
4. Coordinate the organization of a construction drawing package
5. Design and evaluate solutions to an architectural problem

Prerequisites:  ARCH 1000
Co-requisites:  ARCH 1220