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Sound Arts as Business (SNDA 2390)

Total Credits: 3
Lecture Credits: 3

Description: This course examines the prospect of sound work as a career. You will learn to present yourself and your work, hone communication skills, and understand the concerns of being independent artist or technician in the field. You will gain a practical understanding of what being a professional entails and explore how to match industry needs to your own talents and interests. The course will also present a detailed study of intellectual property and copyright topics, relevant to sound. You will learn the systems to protect and profit from your own work, as well as that of collaborators. This will include both the legal concerns, copyright, licensing, sampling as well as an investigation of the creative tensions between business and art.

Topical Outline:
1. Small business models and operations (supply/demand, IC/employee status, contracts/agreements, marketing/promotion, recording deals/royalties)
2. Budgeting, accounting, and relevant tax concepts
3. Sound Arts in the marketplace
4. Intellectual property concepts and their specifically-relevant applications
5. Working with the outside-world (professionalism, communication, presentation)

Learning Outcomes:
1. Relate to ways become more aware, comfortable, and empowered to protect and profit from their work in the field
2. Transform the complex intersection of creative work and market forces into a professional life, by adapting their full range of resources to it
3. Assess the role of Sound Arts in their personal and professional lives, and to identify their next-steps
4. Relate to specific niche businesses in Sound Arts, and the practical concerns involved with them

Prerequisites:  SNDA 1310