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Sound Design for Images (SNDA 1370)

Total Credits: 3
Lecture Credits: 2
Lab Credits: 1

Description: This course explores the use of sound as an essential narrative component when combined with various visual media; including film, video, photography, motion graphics, virtual reality, painting, theater, dance, animation, games, and multimedia installations. You will apply many of the techniques involved in recording, editing, processing, and creating perspective with sound, while preparing for final mixing and mastering. You will delve into the basics of cinema and multi-media sound theory and history, as well as sound-related terminology and concepts. You will learn techniques to take your own visual work or collaborative sound work with visual artists to the next level of skill and professionalism.

Topical Outline:
1. Recording, editing, processing, and mixing audio for picture
2. Audio software and basic effects plugins
3. The function of sound as a narrative device for visual media
4. Sound Design in all forms of media
5. Terminology of Sound Design post-production
6. Collaborative work in the Sound Design field

Learning Outcomes:
1. Record, edit, transform, and mix audio for picture
2. Operate audio software and basic effects plugins
3. Interpret the function of sound as a narrative device for visual media
4. Identify successful sound design in all forms of media
5. Recognize and understand basic terminology of sound design elements
6. Establish effective collaborative workflow habits and practices for group projects and assignments

Prerequisites:  SNDA 1310 or GRPH 1130 or PHDI 1020 or Instructor Approval