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Research and Composition for Change (ENGL 1111)

Total Credits: 3
Lecture Credits: 3

Description: This course teaches students how to write a research paper. Some sections have particular topics, such as "Race, Gender and Identity," and other sections allow you to choose your own topic, subject to the instructor's approval. All sections teach valuable research methods. You will find, analyze, and synthesize information from inside and outside of the library, and write well-reasoned, detailed research papers with properly cited sources.

Topical Outline:
1. Critical Thinking and Writing Skills
2. Writing Process
3. Information Literacy
4. Multimodal Literacy and composition
5. Writing and Social Change

Learning Outcomes:
1. Revise content and organization of written texts by evaluating feedback from others, texts that follow standards of a selected citation style with few errors; and consistently provide effective feedback
2. Analyze, evaluate, and compare and contrast the claims and ideas within multiple texts in order to compose texts appropriate for identified audiences and social purposes
3. Synthesize material from a variety of sources into a coherent persuasive or exploratory text, using appropriate and credible evidence
4. Produce at least one comprehensive multi-modal text that integrates texts from multiple environments and modalities and is appropriate for a clearly identified audience and articulated purpose
5. In order to promote action on a social issue, craft effective, supported arguments that explore how ideas are shaped by specific power contexts and that are appropriate for diverse audiences
6. Adapt behavior and rhetoric in culturally respectful and effective ways

Prerequisites:  ENGL 1110 or ENGA 1110

MnTC: Goal 1: Communication