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Intermediate Arabic Language 2 (ARAB 2100)

Total Credits: 5
Lecture Credits: 5

Description: This course is a continuation of ARAB 2000. You will advance your written, conversational and understanding skills in Arabic to a higher level of competency. In addition, as the second intermediate Arabic language course, you will improve your ability to create independent sentences, while reading authentic Arabic texts. You will also read and discuss a variety of short cultural and historical texts to deepen your understanding of the cultural differences amongst various Arabic-speaking countries. You will further develop your language proficiency in the modern standard Arabic in the four language skill areas.

Topical Outline:
1. Further development of four language skills (listening, speaking, writing, and reading) through context-based approach
2. The Arab media and new culture
3. Feminist movements in the Arab world
4. History of Arab/Islamic society
5. Differences between formal and colloquial Arabic
6. Overview of Arab cultural norms, traditions, and productions

Learning Outcomes:
1. Obtain a command of daily, colloquial Arabic words
2. Understand more advanced grammar of the notoriously complex Arabic language structures
3. Read more advanced written materials in Arabic
4. Asking and answering more complex discussion questions
5. Increase familiarity with styles of Arabic
6. Initiate conversation, ask basic information and be aware of the cultural aspects of social interaction

Prerequisites:  ARAB 2000 or Equivalent

MnTC: Goal 8