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Embark on a challenging and meaningful career in Community Development with Minneapolis College’s multifaceted and holistic program that intersects community development, community organizing, and indigenous cultures. Become a leader that makes a difference in people’s lives, working to improve urban communities and affecting change through policymaking at local, state and federal levels.



1. Demonstrate knowledge of the history of community development, community organizing, and social movements, with a particular focus on indigenous communities, communities of color, and other marginalized communities.
2. Describe and assess strengths and weaknesses of various approaches to community organizing, community development, advocacy, and leadership.
3. Demonstrate cultural competence skills and an understanding of human diversity.
4. Research and analyze social, political, and economic issues, and public policies, with an emphasis on those that relate to indigenous communities, communities of color, other marginalized communities and urban settings.
5. Analyze power and the factors that lead to inequality in various contexts (interpersonal, local, state, national, global).
6. Develop media, policy, community organizing, and personal leadership action plans.



Community Development

Award: Associate of Science
Total Credits for Award: 60.00

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